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Business Management

Our services focus on providing value pricing for full service bookkeeping, CPA and tax preparation for your business and personal accounting.


AAFBC membership provides you these great services at a significantly reduced price:


  • File Form SS‐4 ‐ Employer Identification Number

  • File Form 2553 ‐ S Corporation Election

  • Prepare Annual Form 1120S ‐ US Income Tax Return for an S Corporation

  • Prepare Annual 1 Corporate State Income Tax Return as needed

  • Prepare Annual 1 Corporate Local Income Tax Return as needed


  • Prepare 1 Form 1040

  • Prepare 1 Individual State Income Tax Return

  • Prepare 1 Individual Local Income Tax Return


  • Keypunch Checks, Deposits and Credit Card Transactions Monthly

  • Reconcile Bank Accounts, Credit Card Accounts and Bank Loans Monthly

  • Produce Monthly Financial Statements and General Ledger

  • Provide Online Access to QuickBooks Accounting Records

  • Complete Payroll Tax Preparation Including:

    • a. Payroll Check Writing

    • b. Direct Deposit of Payroll to Employees

    • c. Payroll Tax Deposits of Federal, State and Local Taxes

  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns for Federal, State and Local Taxes

  • Workman’s Compensation Reports as needed

  • Preparation of Annual Payroll Reports such as W-2’s and Related Reports

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