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AAFBC has partnered with CommonBond to offer its members, and their families, industry-leading benefits for student loan refinancing.   When you refinance through CommonBond you will receive a $200 signing bonus once the loan has been processed.   

Student loan refinancing means your current student loans are paid off and replaced with one, combined loan, which could help you lower your monthly payment, save money long-term, or both. Each individual’s student loan situation is unique. However, by refinancing, you could potentially:


  • Refinance your student loans at a lower interest rate

  • Save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan

  • Combine existing student loans into a single, lower monthly payment

  • Keep costs lower with no origination fees or prepayment penalties


To learn more and see if you qualify for lower interest rates visit AAFBC's student loan refinancing page.

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