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Continuing Education

Continuing Education is an important part of the industry.  WebCE® provides the highest quality insurance licensing and continuing education materials in a fast, convenient online format.   WebCE delivers over 850,000 courses each year and is the nation’s largest provider of continuing education for insurance and financial planning professionals. State-specific topics include: ethics, law and legislative updates, flood, homeowners valuation, annuity suitability and LTC/LTC partnership training.


AAFBC membership will give you access to:

  • Receive a 15% Discount through your AAFBC Membership for WebCE Online Continuing Education Courses

  • Receive a $20 Discount on Licensing Exam Prep which includes Live Coaching

  • Largest Course Selection

  • Instant Results with Unlimited, Free Retakes

  • Fastest State Reporting

  • Live Customer Support (877.488.9308)

Discounts applied at checkout.

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