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Retirement Savings Plan

Tax deferred savings is the fastest and most powerful way to save enough money for retirement.  As an independent contractor you are allowed to create a tax deferred retirement account and save up to $57,000 per year with no taxable consequences.  Don’t pay unnecessary dollars in taxes.  Put that money to work for you  and let the power of compound interest get you on your way to a comfortable retirement with mgc group’s retirement plan through Ravenna Capital.


This program has been developed with our vender partner Ravenna Capital.  They specialize in taking the weight of retirement plans off your shoulders and maximizing your dollars invested and minimizing taxes paid to the IRS. They’ve done this hundreds of times for independent contractors and they are ready to help you.


•  Easy to set-up

•  Only need one employee (which is you)

•  Provides you the potential to contribute up to $57,000 pre-tax dollars per year

•  Minimal setup fees

•  No IRS filing

•  Cost = 1% annually of assets under management 

     (deducted quarterly from the account)

Everything begins with an introductory call to determine the correct retirement instrument that will best meet your objectives.  Our arrangement with Ravenna Capital minimizes the paperwork, reporting, and stress that often are associated with company retirement plans.  Ravenna Capital will be with you step-by-step through your entire process to ensure you are on track to meet your financial goals.

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